Tess Heijnis

Intuitive Abstract art

Donauweg 2b
1043 AJ Amsterdam

From intuition and emotion, I continuously explore the possibilities and limits within abstract art.


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Colorful storytelling

Wild color explosions

Calming artworks

Big, bold and Beige

The art of intuitive experimenting

Intuitive painting, for me, is communicating via colors and materials instead of words. Observing what happens when I just clear my mind and let my hands do what they want. That, for me, is the beauty about abstract art. You have to be ‘mindful’ to stay away from the mind.

I love experimenting just to see what happens without a goal and without any rules. A nice change from our society where everything seems planned out and there are lots of things we’re told we ‘have to’ do…

“There’s a time for certain ideas to arrive, and they find a way to express themselves through us.”  Rick Rubin

Visit the Atelier

Feel welcome to come by and see all the paintings for yourself at the atelier at the Donauweg 2B in Amsterdam.

Please contact me to make an appointment to make sure there is someone there for you.