I keep an open mind as it’s always moving and transforming…

Hi, I am Tess. I started painting many years ago but although I loved it right away, it took a COVID-19 pandemic for me to really kick-start my painting career.

My style is intuitive, moving around in a wide range of the abstract spectrum. From crazy colorful big explosions to calming artworks. I keep an open mind and try not to box my style in a certain corner as it’s always moving and transforming. I paint what I feel or what inspires me. This, for me, is an exciting way to keep myself motivated to taste bits and pieces of all the possibilities within abstract art.

Honestly, the more I push the painting process, the more my mind takes over and the soul leaves the painting. Most of the time when that happens I get frustrated and that frustration is showing beautifully in the end result. Over and over again, it starts with playing, followed by perfectionism, frustration and it ends when I feel the work is ready. It shows in the layers, some of them are calm and thoughtfully placed and some big strokes of contrasting colors are wild and untamed. That, for me, is the beauty about abstract art. You have to be ‘mindful’ to stay away from the mind.

Love what you see? Come see my artworks in my atelier in Amsterdam.


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