Atelier Amsterdam

Starting from March 2024, I will be sharing the Studio at Donauweg 2b with Lilxlylilxly – Lieke van Kalken. Together, we will organize exhibitions, welcome everyone, and we have built a photo studio available for photoshoot rentals. Additionally, we will invite other artists to showcase their work as well.


Come and see all the paintings for yourself without any obligation to buy at the atelier. The coffee (or tea) is hot and the parking is free.

Exhibition space

With the Eat your Art out exhibitions we will host exhibitions featuring artists from various art forms and disciplines.


We have transformed the Atelier into a daylight studio as well as a traditional photo studio for shoots with or without screens. You can use all available props.

Branding & Design studio

From our atelier, we will also be working on our own companies in the branding and design field. Tess with her company Designmeisjes and Lieke with her own company